Liftup Access

HDN by Liftup

The HDN represents clever and modern thinking within the industry, combining in one stroke design, functionality and ele-gance. This makes this lift especially at-tractive to entrances with 1 or 2 steps e.g. in shops and companies, who would like to combine their consideration of wheel-chair users with their individual layout and style.


Elegant and user-friendly design

Easy Lift by Liftup

The EasyLift is a modern lifting platform from Liftup. Walking-impaired and wheelchair users can now move elegantly and comfortably between minor level differences.

The EasyLift offers wheelchair users and the walking-impaired access to levels which would normally be hard to reach. Thanks to its maximum lifting height of 125 cm, EasyLift can be used in many places both indoors and outdoors!


Innovative, simple design

FlexStep Compact Stairs and lift in one

FlexStep Compact is the perfect solution for wheelchair users and walking-impaired who have to overcome level differences where the space available is very limited.

The most space-saving lift available in the market and, at that, in a design that accommodates even the most discerning taste.

Brochure Dimensions

Versatile and Innovative!

FlexStep by Liftup

The convertible 2-in-1 solution saves a lot of space compared to both stairs and a lifting platform. The FlexStep is easy to integrate due to a wide range of design options and configurations.

FlexStep Benefits
Innovative, effective design for disabled access
High Quality European product
Easy to integrate in both new and existing buildings
Both indoor and outdoor use
No structural alterations are necessary, just a level floor
Safe to use
Runs even during power failures

FlexStep is the perfect solution for wheelchair users and walking-impaired persons who have to overcome level differences, especially where space available is limited; this 2-in-1 product combines staircase and lifting platform the optimum way. The most space-saving lift available in the market and even in a design that accommodates the most discerning taste.

FlexStep Design

The unique design offers the best opportunities for adaptation to the surrounding architecture and fittings. Various details can be adjusted to each customers needs to integrate the solution completely into the environment.

All customers have influence on materials, configuration, colours and shapes.

FlexStep Safety

Safety protections ensure risk-free use of the FlexStep. The four intelligent synchronized motors ensure calm and safe transport between levels.

As standard, the FlexStep is fitted with all conceivable safety measures.

Both indoor and outdoor use!



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