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Shorts Mobility was established in 2009 to serve the special needs of disabled persons, and those with mobility impairment, with world class quality, affordable lifts.

The range of products includes Chair stair lifts, Platform stair lifts, Platform lifts with own shafts, Pool lifts and Stair climbers in a number of configurations to suit each clients personal requirements.

The establishment of Shorts Mobility came about with the ever increasing demand over the previous five years for specialist services and mobility products within the sister company - Shorts Lifts.

This realisation resulted in the decision to establish Shorts Mobility to focus on this very important market. In its endeavors, Shorts Mobility has access to the significant infrastructure and resources built up by Shorts Lifts since the early 60's.

The professional and dedicated staff and management team of Shorts Lifts are committed to ensuring that the Shorts Mobility specialist team is well supported in their vision to be the supplier of choice of Mobility lifts and lifting devices.


Broad-Based BEE Verification Certificate


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